Not Enjoyment of acquired Power

Ghislaine Panda, Public Affairs Assistant Commissioner of Haut Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was struck with great sadness of the death of her husband occurred Monday Night 14 Dec. 2015 in a car accident on the Likasi road to their residence.

Having been repeatedly interpellated by the body gouvernmental Mr. Panda, Former Director of Gecamines, should not be alone at the wheel.

Ghislaine Panda, nominated as Deputy Commissioner in November 2015.


Sweets are Ruining Our Life



KitKat, Delhaize Tender Heart, Lays, Doritos, Nestle Chocolate etc

Many desire a nice body, a dream shape unfortunately, with these as addiction, it will do ages that you are not having that body.

Nothing much to explain, because these sweets are actually wonders in our mouths. The flavor that its provide, that wonder and taste the sweetness in the crisp, are all special trick in a world that no one could prevent you from entering.

However, remember which contain these gentle hearts:

And now, what are positive but does not change much for the welfare of the body, despite the addition of the green in the kit kat the-green,
– There are 212 calories in each Kit Kat bar, chocolate or milk
– 10 Fat
– 25.6 Carbohydrates
– 42ll glycemic intake, have …

Already these nutrient inputs, it would obviously not be advisable to consume them or at least,  »So banish ».

Some, very often the girls love it and have not hesitated to point out that  » I love KitKat,  » Veronica exclaims with a grin.
For those who really want to keep their line, will probably avoid eating these sweets.

Anyone here, can say out loud that Woman can do a first step to get the man she wants?

Can I do The First Step? No, NO and NO——-

Finally? what is the right attitude to have in this situation? When you have met the beautiful and attractive eyes of a man and he grabs all your attentions, your senses, your heart… Yes, Your heart is beating… You can not sleep before midnight, even after midnight, you still up and dreaming about this eyes, scratched on you… But, maybe nothing happened after, between you and the guy.. He did not talk to you and you are idealizing..

What a mess

We are african specially, and more often, our culture do not allow women, girls to do a first step.
So what? And why?
My view is: Yes, a woman can not do a first step…

Answers are multiples as:
•You will look like you are too lonely and tired of this status
•You will send this image of you, like you are easy to get
•You will not feel the sensual feeling of suspense and certainty of the relation between you and the guy
•Maybe the guy will think that you are very slight and sexual deficiency
•He also maybe can dropped up but has been discouraged by your easiness and will go elsewhere, where he can himself feel the pain for how to get a girl/woman

PS: criticize yourself

The Utility of Spirituality in God’s Goodness and Glory

We all think more often that nobody can help his neighbor without any interest.
Yes, you are right.
My female co-worker, a deep spiritual christian asked herself: Is there anybody who has seen God in earth? I was systematically surprised about this quick question.
Like what a good question.
Of course NOT. Nobody has seen God before, not even Moses, Prophet Ely or anyone else except Jesus Christ who came from heaven and was taken by the heaven.
Be reminded that God really exist, people who often think that nothing can be done generously did not yet experience the glory of the  in their life. They did not experience the excellent grace of every day that God only is able to expand to his children.
God only uses people to manifest his deeds, will and goodness.
Let us all make sure that we grab this spiritual mind everyday in our life. If we did not experience it yet, let call on Jesus to manifest also his glory in our life, so we can testify.

The Truth, The Deeds, The Light

We must show our real identity when we are around people.

I am a Christian and I love obeying the Lord.
I’ve written an essay about the truth that a human should know to live the life he or she was devoted to live in Jesus Christ. We all want to know the truth of who we are, where we come from and where we are going. In my book, I adopted the psychology and philosophy to demonstrate, analyse and explain why we are still living the wrong life we have.
Yes, we may living a bad life, but we are in the dark, of what? The world of God—
Everything a human must do, to live an eternal life is to belong to Lord, as the Bible says « we are created by God’s image », who you think you should serve ?

Isn’t it the Lord who’s your creator? Our real problem come from the birth. In my book, I’ve explained all truths, it is to understand what’s happening in the pregnancy of our mothers. And her main role to apply before we come on earth.
In fact, you can seem to banish the main point of the book, but it’s not a story, it’s a line of questioning and answering. Atheism, Christian, Muslim can read this book . it’s all about how we must handle the truth, so your works in God are visible and the light will brought to you.