Qui est Chrétien / ne ?

L’identité chrétienne aujourd’hui  Photo by Alem Su00e1nchez on Pexels.com Éphésiens 4:24 dit « Et revêtir l’homme nouveau, créé selon Dieu dans une justice et une sainteté que produit la vérité ». Qu’est-ce que nous n’entendons pas de la bouche des chrétiens aujourd’hui? Mensonges sur leur propre identité spirituelle et naturelle. Dans les conflits et dans les... Lire la Suite →

Article mis en avant

Your deliverance is in Jesus Christ, through YOURSELF

Your deliverance is in Jesus Christ. We say deliverance is freedom from imprisonment. When we are imprisoned, either by evil spirits, they torment us. It’s not that easy to talk about evil spirits, it is often embarrassing for some, they don’t want to be vulnerable by talking about these spirits that dwell in them, but... Lire la Suite →

My testimony: from lack of affection, rejected, false accused, reputation teared apart… I can still show some love ❤️

Dear friends, I am Helen Okins from the DRC, finally sharing my testimony. Says testimony, also says the nightmarish experiences, humiliating, painful, impactful, also almost depressive but my lifestyle and my way of living have saved me from the real depression which is affecting many people. And finally spiritual and social and professional experiences. May... Lire la Suite →

Dream Has come True

“I will go to China and speak English,” I told my elementary classmates. I remember that only the Chinese spoke English because they had been present in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since that time, in 1997 if I remember correctly. As for me, I liked the language, as my first new foreign language,... Lire la Suite →


https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2019/07/10/740214086/the-famous-big-5-personality-test-might-not-reveal-the-true-you What is attached to the mind, from the bottom of the heart, thus, is the mouth that speaks. From it, emerges what you are, your behaviors are revealed. The main factor here is what defines you through your core (the central part of the spiritual body according to God). By all means, actions are... Lire la Suite →


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