What is attached to the mind, from the bottom of the heart, thus, is the mouth that speaks. From it, emerges what you are, your behaviors are revealed. The main factor here is what defines you through your core (the central part of the spiritual body according to God). By all means, actions are prompted through the most important part of your body which contains thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The Church? Preaching? Sermons? Services? All these activities are designed to effect changes in Man. However, none of these have a monopoly on the power to completely transform the person. One of Jesus disciples asked him, “ Lord, TEACH us to pray, as John taught his disciples.” Luke 11: 1 and “He said to them, when you pray, say …” in Luke 11: 2. The change in man comes with the combination of several factors in addition of the gospel, such as: teaching, coaching for personal development, motivation, and coaching on social life, to improve interpersonal, professional and family or friendships relationships.

We are often preached but we are not taught how to do or become what they preach to us. Jesus was not a preacher, he was a teacher. Andrew Wilson’s article says preaching announces and teaching explains. Through the illustrations by John Piper, he added that preaching is announcing, shouting and proclaiming good news, announcing something that had happened. When you start explaining the implications of the news, of the gospel, helping people with concepts and ideas they don’t understand, and telling people what to do in response, that’s Teaching. https://thinktheology.co.uk/blog/article/whats_the_difference_between_preaching_and_teaching

Discover your Core

Without doubt, we are in the habit of repeating the same behaviors, which becomes a custom. Preachers generally advise not going to church or praying routinely – it should instead, be a renewed daily experience. Besides, do we care about our daily behaviors as they are, or are we primarily concerned with God’s destiny for us? Personality is often seen through a fabulous appearance. Fascinating, interesting, intimidating, special, different, this is what we perceive in others with one eye. Your heart is what’s in your eye (thoughts, feelings become tangible through your lips).

These are the nuclear of your core.

They are above all constructed through “one’s own thoughts”, demonstrated by “one’s own feelings”, and materialized by “personal behaviors” which can be attitudes, actions, imitations or gestures. Research has revealed that personality has 5 factors called the Big Five which are categorized as: Openness, Consciousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and neuroticism – Accordingly, the 4 main types of personality temperaments come at the end to reveal our true identity.

1. SANGUINE : highly talkative, enthusiastic, active and sociable. Even though, the Angie has a hard time to let go certain things instead, chaotic and unexpected moments may occurred on her sake through the talkativeness

2. CHOLERIC: extroverted, independent, decisive, goal-oriented and ambitious – all these traits are extremely high to handle other’s weaknesses, inabilities, or to keep one on their shoes, being able to avoid hearted feelings.

3. MELANCHOLIC: analytical, detail-oriented, deep thinkers and feelers, introverted, constantly forget that no human is perfect – joy comes first. We learn so much from others. We learn though our own mistakes.

4. PHLEGMATIC: relaxed, peaceful, quiet and easy-going, sympathetic and cares about others, yet, they try to hide

The core with the temperament

They are numerous. One is preached and his heart is touched. Immediately, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the negative feelings disappear and live in a beautiful soul and a beautiful heart. After all, the Bible says in Matthew 12:45, “ Then he goes and brings with him seven other spirits worse than himself, and they enter and reside there, and the last state of that person is. worse than the first …”. The devil manifests his power through our behaviors and through the way we reveal ourselves to the world, in our environment. When you don’t discipline yourself, the same evil spirit will remain constant to make you look like the worst person and the most obnoxious in the world. This attitude will lead you to live in loneliness, in furious anger, regular hatreds, jealousy and envious spirit. So that goes on, because the list is endless.

Join a circle of disciplinary actions and behaviors. Talk to fierce people who work on their behaviors every day. Add teachings to the sermons. Accept to be taught because a person in society with good morals and good virtues saves the whole world from perversion, hatred, and eternal death.

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