My testimony: from lack of affection, rejected, false accused, reputation teared apart… I can still show some love ❤️

Dear friends, I am Helen Okins from the DRC, finally sharing my testimony. Says testimony, also says the nightmarish experiences, humiliating, painful, impactful, also almost depressive but my lifestyle and my way of living have saved me from the real depression which is affecting many people. And finally spiritual and social and professional experiences.

May 19, 2020. Living with the persons who rejected me, persecuted me, insulted me. Where in the earth will I have this joy in such a dark place with toxic people? Jesus Christ told me that, it’s the devil 😈 who’s using them. Keep showing some love and be joyful because I’m with you wherever you will be.

On this, what is the use of a testimony? We have heard many testimonies. However, they all serve for the glory of those who believe in God, for those who desire to connect deeply with Christ our Lord. For those who do not yet understand how we reach a powerful spiritual dimension, how do we succeed in pleasing God, how can we touch God and allow him to act on our behalf, how our life can also impact those of others, and how to recognize his mission here on earth, then how can we live on this earth of humans which is similar to something that we do not have a real knowledge of. Some say, earth is hell. How are we going to do, to live in peace and longer on earth? This is one of the reason that testimonies are useful.

Despite multiple demonic thoughts , psychological attacks silencing me not to demonstrate the glory of God in my life, of his immense love, of how he saved me from death, of false accusations … today I finally share this testimony because I feel good, I am happy in my life, I am fulfilled. I’m telling you the truth believe me, it’s true that you are going to think that to be happy is to get married and have children, it is to have a life that everyone likes, a life that is attractive to you. material goods. Maybe this seems like a happy life to you, a fulfilled life for some, yes, I wouldn’t want to neglect this aspect either for some who are filled with goods and they are happy for people who are happy because they got what their heart wanted. But believe me, through this testimony, you may change your thoughts on materials. I come by the power of the Holy Spirit, to you Christians, to those with spirit who desire to connect deeply with what they have been called to accomplish, therefore a mission for the Lord Jesus Christ. By this testimony, who had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior but who still bathes between the world and the Kingdom of Heaven (the word of God and living his will).

This testimony is for those who still doubting to believe, to give themselves totally to God, this testimony is for people who are weak and tired, but that through this testimony you will realize that you are strong. This testimony is for people who are hurt who no longer have the strength to love anyone. This testimony is for people who no longer have the strength to do good to anyone or to trust and for people who live in constant fear to the point of even saying to themselves that eventually I will hide where I am. will go where. For you who are experiencing repeated failure, instability on all levels, well listen to this testimony.

To begin with, where I experienced the genesis, so the symptoms of depression, but the Lord quickly delivered me. For a while I saddened myself and walked away from the people who didn’t like me and who were a threat.

It quickly turned into an emotional depression, I no longer had the strength to feel myself loved or even to believe that we really love me. I went through this depression as many times since my childhood but until last year I had reached a higher level until the point where I thought of killing myself but being alone in my cocooning I heard a voice interior and I recognized that it was the voice of God, Christ was living in me and it was he who took the place. I was not loved, I was neglected despise and I was no longer worth living Christ told me stop if you say so it’s that I did nothing good to have created you and I never blessed you. Look where I took you, look what I did with you, have you stopped believing? Didn’t I do something you asked me to do? Is there nothing as a sign, as a work, as a symbol that I have passed, I the Lord Jesus Christ in your life Helen?

I started to cry, I said but Lord but why do I feel this way why even no one defending me? Faced with these false accusations and rumors on my behalf. No human? because, it is not you, who acts through people. Lord, is this means that you abandoned me? you don’t want to take revenge for me anymore? you don’t love me anymore so in this case i’m no longer worth living because i don’t see anyone here on earth standing up for me who is on my side. What did I do wrong? and Christ told me Helen I would give anything You want because you love me, and because I loved you first.

Helen I will give you what your heart desires, ask me what you want I am the eternal your God. I said Lord give me peace I will have peace in my heart, I will have peace. When we don’t mean to, I want to talk about you and that the heart you touch be touched. Let them testify. I have lived it. I felt a weight heavy in my soul, in my mind descended into my stomach, suddenly the pain was gone. I suddenly got up, alone in my room, I turn left and right, I said but what happened to me? I start tapping my chest, like it’s physical. Alas, the effect that the pains of the soul and the pains of the spirit have depends on the importance we place on them, that is, on the attention we give them in your life and our body. . The state of my heart was incompatible with the truths I had of the word of God. I couldn’t be happy myself, to be nice, to be really comfortable with myself. So I was slapping my chest saying to myself, but no no no no it must be there, every day I get up with great discomfort in my heart, wanting to take revenge against the person who was used by the devil to influence people’s thoughts to discredit me, reject me ‘humiliate me, persecute me.

Well, I’m going to start first how Christ delivered me and I tell you until this day that you are listening to this testimony, I have incredible peace despite the absence of certain wishes for a while, I have an amazing peace, you can’t imagine this peace, putting the truth smile back in my heart. Because I’ve been faking my smile in front of others.

I started jumping in my room, I started screaming, Lord, I’m not sick of my heart anymore, my God, thank you you freed me. I started screaming I said wow thank you Lord Jesus Christ.

I have peace. what had just happened? it was that God that gave me peace in order to forgive a young woman, young brother, a mother, a father, a uncle, an aunt. I’m in peace ✌️ and Glory to Jesus Christ, JEHOVAH

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