Your deliverance is in Jesus Christ, through YOURSELF

Your deliverance is in Jesus Christ. We say deliverance is freedom from imprisonment. When we are imprisoned, either by evil spirits, they torment us. It’s not that easy to talk about evil spirits, it is often embarrassing for some, they don’t want to be vulnerable by talking about these spirits that dwell in them, but they should first be recognized. How are you going to recognize evil spirits in you? First of all, here it is about evil spirits, (1) it takes awareness and (2) a burning desire to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Your deliverance is in you. You’re the image of Christ. Taking a conscious decision while you know what the truth voice is saving you.

Evil and / or demonic spirits are spirits as the name says it as well as spirits from the world of darkness, (of Satan). They are invisible, they are not palpable, not visible to the naked eye, we cannot see them these spirits, you cannot touch them, these are of spirits. However, they do materialize and become visible when they take BODY in a living being. It can be a human, an animal, even plants, demonic spirits are also in plants. Anything that lives can be possessed by evil spirits, anything that lives and breathes can be possessed by evil spirits and as long as they are in you or in these other living beings, they take possession of these beings instantly, they dictate their life, through their actions (deeds), words, thoughts etc.

What are these actions, words or thoughts that prove that you are inhabited by evil spirits. I start with what first touches the soul because in the soul, there are thoughts, feelings, needs, choices, decisions, ambitions, projects, goals, determination, and you know in the soul there is everything that relates to the destiny of a human, what should lead man to or towards his destiny.

1. Psychological or emotional demonic spirits: we must understand here that the Bible tells us in the book of Galatians 5: 13-16 « Brothers, you have been called to freedom only, do not make this freedom a pretext for living according to the flesh but live in charity, one servant and one another, for all the law is fulfilled in one word in this one you will love your neighbor as yourself but if you bite and devour each other others take care that you are not destroyed by one another; … walk according to the spirit and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh for the flesh has desires contrary to those of the spirit and the spirit has opposites to those of the flesh, they are opposed to each other so that you do not do what you want ”.

If you read these passages there, you discover that Paul makes an important point that in Christ Jesus, we no longer live according to the flesh; so what is the relationship between psychological, emotional and the demonic spirit? It is psychological and emotional because they are all linked by a mental state. And in the mind is all that is psychological. I further illustrate with the words of this verse in Romans 7: 14-22 and you can also read verses 23 to 25. The actions, words or behavior of a person inhabited by demonic psychological emotional spirits.

a) A depression which is a demonic spirit, when actually manifests itself in you becomes a pain, a trouble-fact, a sorrow, a misfortune for others. This is when your depression is demonic and takes over your life to destroy those around you. A sorcery can be conscious or unconscious, then when he does evil he destroys, so living in depression is also an evil spirit that makes you destructive.

b) A toxic nature. You are a toxic person, that is, a person who is not mentally in a peaceful environment. He is a person in the middle of others and brings a negative, unpleasant, discouraging, uneasy, attacking atmosphere and reactions. Pressure on others, excessive judgment, excessive criticism and in the end will denigrate you, will always look down on you and, will isolate you, which will create an unhealthy atmosphere around you, he will either do his best to distance you from others, in order to make you plunge into loneliness the better to destroy you mentally. Yet another toxic person is that he is going to do even more that will be to traumatize you, to demoralize you or to harass you.

2. The physical or carnal demonic spirits

c) Unhealthy intentions. By unhealthy intentions, that is to say, when you are in a group of persons for example, in a company, an employee with unhealthy intentions gets up and accuses you « falsely » or perhaps « reasonably » and who will now convince others that you are a bad employee, to the point of prompting your dismissal. It is the spirit of the devil « the accuser » also influences weak spirits to hate you. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, young people in politics are poisoned overnight.

1. Loneliness: you can’t stand anyone, you avoid everyone in short, you are in great solitude; it is a demonic spirit.

2. Shamelessness. You will not have sex with a man before marriage, you will not have sex with the person of the same sex as you.

3. Pride. You conclude by your thoughts that through your actions that you are better than others. Pride is also a demonic spirit, you may think that others do not deserve you, you place yourself very above others, look down on them and you often tell yourself that you do not mix with everybody. You don’t greet people. Read Isaiah 2:12 and Isaiah 3:16

4. Homosexuality. Leviticus 4:13. Although Jesus Christ reserves for us individual judgment and not the whole, every homosexual is subject to the judgment of God himself. Since the book of Leviticus already tells us, their actions are condemned by the word.

5. Idolatry. Isaiah 18. Revered by pastors, it is idolatrous. Your pastor has become like your god. Christian singers too are revered instead of being instruments not only through their voices but also through their lives. Tattoos in the bodies of Christians, explained, vehemently. What does God say about tattoos? And the incisions.

The Bible. Yes, written by men. Inspired by the Holy Spirit. And others simply took up the words of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Your deliverance begins when you realize that what you are doing is not a rather evil divine source. Immediately, you seek to free yourself from it in order to be free. Demons in your body, demons in your blood, demons in your thoughts, etc. You chase them and you will be a better person. A change will take place in your life. Relatives will let you notice that you have changed. Your face will shine. This is the impact of deliverance. From the moment you realize, the Holy Spirit accompanies you and delivers you. You don’t need a laying on of hands, often, it’s just your desire to free yourself.

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