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“Just be yourself, everyone is already taken”… one of the common quotes that i don’t like using in every situation. Being you is easy and also challenging in this modern world where everyone is heading toward a perfect life. Learn and discover with me how being unique and true in this world may change your life

What comes around…

Are you still having a though time to forgive, forget and love your ennemies, your haters ? Remember that, we reap what we sow.

Personalize your Identity

The true YOU.
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Not all true is good to be told. Another popular quote. I agree. However, learn and discover how you can stabile your personality for a long lasting relationships with your fellows.

“On reconnaît un bon arbre par ses fruits”

Matthieu 7:16

The tree is our body. The fruits are our behaviors, thoughts, feelings or emotions and actions.

“From what you nourish your body, from that comes your strength” Helen Okins

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